Mantappu Jiwa

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Mantappu Jiwa tells about Jerome Polin Sijabat’s journey, who was born around a monetary crisis in Indonesia. With limited resources, he finally made it to get a bachelor’s degree with a full scholarship in Japan.



Lovely writing! I enjoy reading this book. The story is light, fun, and very inspiring.

Everyone always says, “Follow your dreams!” But not everyone does it. Jerome is one of example why we should give it a try.  It started when he often heard about his friends go abroad on holiday and Disneyland become his obsession to be there someday.  And this was when his idea came out: “to go to Disneyland then I need to go abroad with a fully-funded scholarship”.   But due to his family’s financial condition, the only way to go there is to apply for a scholarship. That’s where Jerome’s journey begins.

From this book, I can tell how hard Jerome fight for his dreams. He ‘teaches’ us that pursuing it is hard work, and likely to take you on a very long journey, but you just need to keep going and trust God in your way.  You will read many encouraging stories from him, full of self-reminder quotes, and leaves you with the energy to bring your dream back on track.

It is indeed a really joyful reading, and it is recommended!

Let me close this review with one of my favorite quotes of him:

Pada awalnya, kita membuat mimpi. Tapi setelah itu, mimpi yang akan ‘membuat’ kita. Mimpi tidak dapat diwujudkan dengan instan, melainkan dengan air mata, doa, keringat, konsistensi, deterrminasi dan kerja keras  (In the beginning, we made our dreams. But after that, the dream will ‘make’ us. Dreams cannot be realized instantly, but build with tears, prayers, sweat, consistency, determination and hard work)

PS: You might want to see his YouTube channel: Nihongo Mantappu, guaranteed you will also enjoy it!


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5 from 5 stars

Author: QiuQiu


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