How to Express Those Feelings?

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As someone who is hard to express my own feelings, I tend to look to other’s writings.

Disbelief that I can have above-average writing skills, or to be acknowledged in the creative industry, I find it comforting to look for the easy way – the works of others. Submerging my life into tons of books, movies, and games. I show people that I am a gamer, while deep down inside, I am more a reader than a gamer. And a fan of arts, musicals, also goofy things. I’ve been told to have a short fuse, but I learned to control that around people.

I also tend to ramble when I write. Vomiting words into the blank space.

I adore handwriting, not typing. For me, you need effort with handwritten notes. Also, by writing notes, I can remember them more easily than typing.

As I think about these random things, my mind shifted to those who I think really know me. And how I never asked what they think of me as a person. Or maybe I did but forgot the answer. How I remember things in little fragments rather than a full vivid memory.

Tonight, I asked the important question to myself: How would you express these feelings? How would you tap into who you really are? And introduce that person to the world?

In contemplating how to express these deep-seated feelings, it is essential to recognise the power of vulnerability. Opening up about one’s innermost thoughts and emotions can be daunting, yet it is a step toward self-discovery. This journey of self-expression is not about perfection but about authenticity. It is about finding the courage to share the raw, unfiltered parts of ourselves, the pieces that make us uniquely who we are.

Journaling has become sanctuary for me. It is a space where I can be entirely open, a place for my thoughts to be free without judgment. In these pages, I pour out my heart, detailing my fears, dreams, and everything in between. The act of transferring thoughts from mind to paper is therapeutic and helping to clarify my feelings. It is a process of uncovering the layers, getting closer to the essence of my being.

But beyond personal reflection, there is a desire to connect with others on a deeper level. Sharing stories and experiences through blogging offer a bridge between solitude and community. It’s an invitation to the reader to see the world through my perspective. This connection is not about seeking approval but about finding common ground, that we are not so different after all.

The question of how to expressing one’s feelings to the world becomes less about grand revelation and more about a series of small, honest moments. It’s in the excitement in sharing a book or movie scene. These moments offering glimpses into the depths of our soul.

So, as I continue to navigate the complexities of expressing my feelings, I am learning to embrace the messiness, the contradictions, and the beauty of being human. It’s a journey without a clear destination, but perhaps the journey itself is the point.

Finding a voice to express these feelings, especially for those of us who might find this challenging, can be a journey of both discovery and vulnerability. If you see yourself in this situation, perhaps these actions could guide you toward expressing your inner world more openly.

  • Start with Journaling: Begin by journaling your thoughts and feelings. The act of writing down what is in your heart can be incredibly freeing. It doesn’t have to be structured or perfect. It just needs to be true to what you are feeling at the moment. Over time, you might find clarity in your emotions and thoughts, making it easier to express them to others.
  • Have Creative Outlets: Engage in creative activities that resonate with you. Whether it’s drawing, painting, music, or even cooking, creative expression can be a powerful outlet for your feelings. These activities don’t require words but can convey emotions just as powerfully. They also offer a bridge to sharing aspects of yourself with others in a way that feels more natural to you.
  • Small Steps in Communication: Start small by sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust. It could be as simple as sharing a piece of writing, a song or art piece that you feel captures what you are feeling. This act can be a significant step toward opening up more broadly.
  • Embrace Technology: For those who find handwriting to be a more heartfelt form of expression, consider using technology to digitise these writings. Apps that convert handwriting to digital text might blend your love for the traditional with modern outcomes, helping you share your feelings with a wider audience.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Use mindfulness or meditation into your routine to become more in tune with your feelings. These practices can help you observe your emotions without judgement.

By taking these actions, you’re not only working toward expressing your feelings more openly but also taking steps to your self-discovery. Remember, the journey to self-expression is personal and unfolds at its own pace. Embrace the process, and know that each step forward is a victory in its own right.

Author: Mia

A writer and researcher who also a tech-addict and internet-junkie. Loves quirky stuff.