You are Your Own Standards

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It’s already 23 days into the new year. How’s 2022 been treating you so far? Are you still sticking with your annual resolution standards or already throwing them out the window?

I admit 2021 hadn’t been entirely kind to me. I was experiencing several uncomfortable mental state situations sporadically throughout the year. So, I’m throwing everything out the window to get a fresh start. Well, almost everything. I promised to take care of myself thoroughly this year, and this includes starting writing every day. The sole purpose is to understand my emotion and in the process, I will publish my writing on this website.

To kick off this promise, I took a look at my previous pieces. And remembering the journey to be who I am today.


A Start, Somewhere.

At the end of 2021, I faced an important interview. And the interviewer asked me what kind of significant changes did I endure and how these changes defined who I am. It seemed simple but I cannot give a straight answer. This set of questions kept swirling in my head. It took a while to understand the journey that I took. As human beings, we are constantly growing and changing, even if sometimes it seems minuscule, who you are today is not the same as yesterday.

Most turning points usually come from happiness or grievance. A newly born baby, a lost loved one, even turning a certain age can change your life for good (read what it meant on turning forty here). But small things can also bring changes to you. Saying yes for a short vacation may end up buying a property in the area. Rejecting a night out with coworkers may lead to team detachment. Saving a few dollars every day may become your base capital for a new business. James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, tells the importance of changing small things and making them your daily habit. You could accomplish unbelievable goals if you start small.


In Between Comfort Zones and Yes for Change.

Changing is easier said than done. Change will come eventually, but changing means taking control of the direction you want. You will need to fight your comfort zone and the little voice in your head. Not everyone wants to change, and that is okay. Only you who know whether you are truly happy with where you are now, or whether there is a nagging voice and uncomfortable feeling inside. You are your own standards here.

Back to the question from my interviewer, I realised now that most of my growth came by saying yes to something unexpected, and not from major life events. I said yes to becoming a tour leader for a group of strangers, and it helped me learn to communicate with others. I said yes to a crazy 2400km road trip and ended up loving every second of it. I opt for a different major in college and changed my career. I am no longer an introvert but an ambivert now (yes, I have taken the test). Do I feel that I’m changing? Mostly, no. Sometimes I even felt like moving backward. But then I also find it easier to converse with others, read a book faster, or even learn to look at the sky rather than getting frustrated over the traffic.

Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote sums this up perfectly, that if you change a tiny bit about yourself, then the universe will also change towards you.

Cultivating Mental Wellbeing

Just as physical fitness requires regular exercise, mental well-being demands daily attention and care. It starts with simple practices: mindfulness meditation to ground us in the present moment, journaling to navigate our thoughts and emotions, and fostering connections that enrich our spirit. These practices do not eliminate life’s challenges, but they provide us with tools to navigate them more effectively.

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Even five minutes a day can significantly reduce stress and increase our capacity for empathy and compassion, not just towards others but towards ourselves.
  • Journaling: A continuation of the commitment I made at the start of the year, journaling has become a sanctuary, a place where thoughts and feelings can be expressed freely, leading to surprising insights and clarity.
  • Community: Never underestimate the power of connection. Surrounding ourselves with supportive friends, family, and communities can bolster our resilience, providing a network of care and encouragement.

Moving Forward: A Promise to Myself

As I continue this journey of writing and self-discovery, I’m reminded of the power in our stories. Sharing these experiences isn’t just about personal reflection; it’s about connecting with others, offering a piece of ourselves in the hope of touching someone else’s life. This blog has become more than just a platform; it’s a community, a shared space for growth, learning, and inspiration.

So, here’s to the year ahead—a year of resilience, of embracing change, and of continuing to write our stories, one day at a time. Let’s make it a year where we not only dream of a better version of ourselves but take the small, daily steps to get there. Together, let’s create a tapestry of experiences, woven with the threads of courage, hope, and resilience.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, dear readers, as we explore the depths of our potential and the beauty of becoming.

Author: Mia

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