The Boy Who Bought Me Breakfast During the Whole Year

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Set in Taiwan, “The Boy Who Bought Me Breakfast during the Whole Year” follows the journey of Xiang Wei Xin, a high school student with a penchant for food and a limited allowance. She likes to eat and always feels hungry, but has limited school allowance to buy food (her mother only gives her 50 yuan).

So, whenever there are food involved, she can be very gullible. For instance, she falls into a trap to join a guitar club with a promise that the club president will buy her breakfast every day.

Xiang Wei Xin’s best friend Fang Qi Ran is a famous student. Known for her beauty, a lot of guys are chasing her. One of them, Tao Yu Quan, try to get her attention by buying her breakfast every day. Although Fang Qi Ran refused it, this guy keep insisting to buy breakfast for Fang Qi Rang. In the end Fang Qi Ran accept it just to give it to Xiang Wei Xin. This happened for a whole year, until Xiang Wei Xin realised that the Tao Yu Quan is soon to be graduated from high school and she will need to confess and say sorry.

Turn out Tao Yu Quan knows that the breakfast was eaten by Xiang Wei Xin. And he keeps doing it because he likes how Xiang Wei Xin enjoy the food and slowly fallen in love with her. Finally, both confess each other feeling and become a couple.

Review of The Boy Who Bought Me Breakfast During the Whole Year

For me, the idea behind this book and the title are great, but unfortunately it doesn’t deliver. While “The Boy Who Bought Me Breakfast during the Whole Year” holds the promise of a heartwarming romantic tale, Ikumisa’s novel falls short of delivering a truly engaging narrative.

I started out thinking that this book would be one of romantic books that can give you those butterfly feelings, but apparently it wasn’t. The very moment I read the book, I felt dissatisfied and want to stop.

The story is flat and boring, with almost no strong parts. The only part that I thought “this is it, this is the part where the book is going to be interesting” is when Xiang Wei Xin was being fooled by a guy. But then that’s it, it’s just an illusion.

Throughout the book, the narrative remains focused on Xiang’s culinary escapades and her involvement in the guitar club, failing to explore more nuanced aspects of character development and relationship dynamics. Moments that could have added complexity to the plot, such as Xiang’s encounters with deceptive suitors, are fleeting and lack significant impact.

Moreover, the development of Xiang and Tao’s relationship feels rushed and underdeveloped, detracting from the emotional resonance expected in a romantic novel. While the novel offers glimpses into Taiwanese high school life and cultural nuances, it ultimately fails to deliver a compelling romantic narrative.


Despite its potential, “The Boy Who Bought Me Breakfast during the Whole Year” struggles to engage readers with its flat plot and lackluster character development. While it may appeal to fans of light-hearted romance, those seeking a more immersive reading experience may find themselves disappointed.

The Boy Who Bought Me Breakfast During the Whole Year Rating

I give this book 2 from 5 stars.

Writer: Ikumisa;

Publisher: Haru;

Year : 2016

Author: QiuQiu

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