Psychic Detective Yakumo Saitou



The story is about Yakumo Saitou, a college student who can see a spirit/ghost with his left eye. Yakumo’s character describes as a sarcastic and cold-hearted young man. He doesn’t care about what others think of him and not a sociable fellow, but his character will change along with time. With his capabilities and great analytical skills, he is willing -with the help of others-  to solve the unresolved case related to the spirits. Yakumo believes that ghosts or spirits can move on to the afterlife if they can resolve the problems they had.  

Apart from telling about the ghost/spirit case, the 12 volumes of the series will also tell about Yakumo’s dark past, how he gets his red left eye, his family background, and how he deals with it in everyday life. 

The story opens with Haruka who asked Yakumo’s help to save her friend who is being possessed, she heard rumors that Yakumo has psychic ability and may be able to help by casting out the spirit from her friend, and so on the story progress from one ghost/spirit story to another.  

You can also find other interesting characters in this series:

  • Haruka Ozawa a fellow student – who develops a crush on Yakumo, 
  • Kazutoshi Gotou – detective  from Special Investigation Division of Unsolved Cased,
  • Isshin Saitou – Yakumo’s uncle, 
  • Yutarou Ishii – Gotou’s subordinate, 
  • Makoto Hijikata – a reporter who helps Yakumo and the team’s investigation 
  • Miyuki Nanase – the villain in this story


Actually, I am not really fond of ghost stories. It made my heart rate sky-high and scared me to go the bathroom at night. But the Yakumo story is different, it is very exciting that I cannot stop reading it even though I was terrified. Usually because indirectly my brain was visualizing it ( ex. a ghost behind you, pale and bloody face, blank stare, strange sounds, etc).

But after reading the first book, the story is so captivating and makes me want to read the next one. In the end, I ended up collecting all the books in the series. Ghost, supernatural, mystery, detective theme mixed into one very good story.  There are 12 volumes of the main series, 3 volumes of other files (stories that not related to the main series), 1 volume of a secret file (it is about Yakumo’s childhood). 

The other reason why I love this book is every story ends in one book, they don’t leave you hanging. If you don’t like reading the novel, you can enjoy it by reading the comics or by watching the drama/anime.

Yakumo is the second title after Harry Potter that I read non-stop to finish it. It is simply fantastic!

Book Rating 

5 from 5 stars

Writer : Manabu Kaminaga

Author: QiuQiu

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