Memory Glitch

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Have you been having difficulties with memory or became just absentmindedly over ordinary things? In this article we’re about to elaborate what cause a memory to glitch. From shocking and traumatic events that can cause short amnesia, to the thought of simple task you are planning to do just minutes ago that suddenly vanished.  In other case, sometimes we met a familiar face and find it hard to recognize who they are. 

Memory Glitch of 5W+1H

Barely a minute, while fetching a glass of water, I was thinking to do something from the kitchen. Then the thought suddenly just disappear. Poof. Not knowing what or how, only know the designated place ; the kitchen. That day, house errands were tight and time constraining. 

This type of forgetfulness happens every time and frequently depending on how time pressured us. The more rapid the list stored in our mind or how many problems filled our nerves, the more likely these memory glitch will bound to occur. Stress, depression or anxiety can triggers forgetfulness. 

Notes on dementia, pay attention closely if the memory loss were a little bit serious such as, cognitive memory impairment in daily activities. Activities such as i.e wearing pants, remembering current event, or other common things. Severe forgetfulness or confusion can be caused by interrupted blood flow that supplies oxygen to the brain, also related to stroke.

Let your freak flag fly

“Always let your freak flag fly and you’ll find your tribe..” that’s what influencers say to boost your self-love. It may sound true, but in real life; not so much. Sadly, the word “freak” entered my thoughts and drifted to a selected memory where a former best friend more than two decades ago in college told me, her family thinks i’m a freak. Which at some point, hurts. 

Now, I tried to extract other memories with her, and resulted with almost nothing. As if it was zapped into a hole of disposal. 

But that wasn’t the only memories that weren’t accessible, there are still many more of other hurtful experiences. The meaningless, painful but incessant moments, were hard to recall. Who switch it off? Was it like a constructive system in our brain?

Diassociative behavior : A memory glitch on another level

In the Candy montgomery murder miniseries, Love and Death which we discussed last week, she suffered a diassociative behavior after the killing. Diassociative behavior is when the subconscious choose to leave a certain bad situation by disconnecting the thoughts from the memory, feelings, and the identity that lingers with a traumatic event. 

A short-term amnesia due to a shocking experience can blurred not just memory, but also in severe cases your own identity.

This is caused when came from someone who did not have the best coping mechanism emotionally each time an overwhelming incident happens. The event triggers hugely unwanted emotions, mostly fear, which unbearable to face.

According to Mayo Clinic, The American Psychiatric Association categories three major dissociative disorders, and one of them is :

Dissociative amnesia

A memory loss different than just the a mild forgetfulness. The inability to recognized personal information, events or close people from the specific shock, pain or any traumatic. Until this day there isn’t a medical statement to confirm how this is happening. 

In everyday life, being hypervigilance can induced memory impairment related to PTSD symptoms. Though research shows it is not permanent, avoid the triggers as much as you possibly can. Your life is yours to nurture.

Maintaining memory

It seems that other than lifestyle improvement there are no proven medicine to strenghten memory. Herbal and supplements are merely booster with long-term value that can’t be known for sure to prevent forgetfulness. Several conditions according to National Institute on Aging that can contribute memory decline such as : 

  1. Physiological factors such as : brain tumors, injuries, thyroid, kidney or liver problems. 
  2. Side effets from medication.
  3. Substance abuse (alcohol, narcotics etc)
  4. Mental health problem : anxiety, or depression.
  5. Sleep deprivation.
  6. Poor nutrition 

Maintaining memory consist of a long term commitment and good sense of self-care. Fighting for a healthy lifestyle is probably the only applicable effort worth sustaining in maintaining our cognitive ability and memory function.

  • Challenge yourself to learn new skills. This goes at whatever age you are. Unlimited,but skills that are proportional. Mastering skills can be a pure rewarding experience and brings a tremendous effect of neuroplasticity to your brain. Read it here for more about brain plasticity.
  • Set yourself boundaries to know just how much cortisol your body willing to receive. Stress is good when it is at minimum portion. 
  • Meet good people and engaged happily with them, especially your peers. When good mood sparks it serves a better, clearer mind. 
  • Take good care both of your nutrition intake and sleep quality. Rest and adequate nourishment  —at just the right amount of nutrition —supports your memories by releasing a better flow of oxygen. 

My Forgetting, My blessing

Imagine that a person in his advance years of fragility, prone to psychosomatic illnesses is having the same, exact, sharp memories of all the things that had happened. Reliving detailed millions of memories sounds like a major component for heavy-loaded overthinking. A stress and depression gangster. 

God orchestrate the durability of our brain to be kind to our body. To remember only what matters. 

So, when mild memory glitch happened, and I didn’t remember all the nasty things that wasn’t even worth to be reminded in the first place, I rejoiced it.

Author: Fraya

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