Ticket to Humility

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Most of us wanted to be seen, recognised and appreciated for our worth in this world. Not necessarily by a large crowd,just a few important people in our small circles. Sometimes, it is hard to obtained it. That sense of being seen. We were taught to earned our existential. To convey achievements in different method, selected by the authenticity of our upbringing. Since child, we are taught to express our ability as a practice of communication, and a sign of growing milestones, but less humble. “Look mom, I built a rocket out of that box..”

Or as teens to find our tribes in order to hang out. To be considered smart or know-it-all kid in class with the best assignment presentation. Emerged as the cool kid, rich and powerful or popular. To be seen as beautiful and worthy.

Bumbled Humble brag

Being humble in these years full of show-off-social platforms is a challenge. And at certain times, a connundrum. A term even introduced to twist the word humble into an oxymoron; humblebrag

It’s a jargon played in social media caption or status to complain about something that’s on contrary a pride. “Trying hard to be bold with a no-make up look at today’s lunch..” yet showing the skin were nothing but sheer porcelainlike. 

“Another boring shareholders monday meeting..” and so on, and so on. A never ending ego-feeding festival nobody really interested in. People brag what they wanted to be recognized. In other scene to be taken seriously in the expense of making other people feels below them. If outshining others worked to maintain the pride of life, who needs to be humble? Is humility created by a number of humans just to fulfill their personal moral standard?  Let’s talk about it.

Feathering the nest of humility

Insert with patience, humility is a feeling or a notion that you set your foot at the same ground of others without any difference of level that makes you slightly more important or better. Feathering the nest of humility is important on so many aspects because 

  • It prepares you to persevere better in failures. 

Failing, or losing will never be far from dissapoinment. The feeling of shrinking or hopeless from a huge mistake of your life might be familiar. This happens when we seem to get a hold of everything for a very long time until it dawned on us like a slap in the middle of our beauty sleep. We’re not always right, and like everyone else, we made mistakes we didn’t realize. Take notes : Nothing is hundred percent in our grasp. We even breath with the help of the sun, the atmosphere and other forces of nature. Getting used to this 50-50 possibilities, we acknowledge and somewhat prepared that losing is a part of any plan. 

  • Create stronger self-responsibilities in life duties

By knowing our flaws and accepting it, we roll our sleeves easier to get everything done. We blend better with diversed people and carry on without being defensive. In the end, the result of what you do is a token of your effort that needs to be appreciated, not judged. 

  • Patience before humble

Because being humble would always begins by requiring patience. So if it doesn’t simultaneously giving you the experience of patience, what have you been doing ?

How to encapsulate humble

Craving to be right or wanting to be validated by others is everyday’s effort from of our ego to survive. Quite normal, but can be demanding when we overfeed it. So, here’s a few tips on how to restore or encapsulate humility into our mind and soul.

By seeing something so small and something so huge or infinite

Witnessing the tiniest microbes such as tardigrada making its way through life in specimens are one of them. How a small thing can live without a big fuss like human who is hundred-times more enormous as a figure.

Water bear /Tardigrada

They feast mostly on algae and able to strive in extreme conditions of temperature, dehidration, air pressure—even outer space and survived starvation1. Tiny, cute and relentless.

We, humans, are 3,5 million times smaller than the earth. We’re practically smaller than ants if earth was the size of basketball. Every living thing managed to live because of gigantic nature orders work together. Infinite, big and beautiful. 

The atmosphere that protected earth from UV radiation of the sun. Tidal waves as prove of the moon’s gravity pull. Nature is infinite, powerful and can sweep us minutes, even seconds with a single catastrophe. Ego isn’t relevant anymore. Being right isn’t the only thing that matters. Being kind is. 

Feeling something so right according to you can still have its limitations, or even a rejection. 

Other people set of thoughts might find a different angle, not necessarily better or more impactful, but can be more acceptable to the crowd surround you. Observe them wisely. Holding your point of views longer is crucial. Not only that it was cooked patiently and cautiously, but having a watchful manner towards others warmed-up your decision to be more gracefully.

When you experienced humble moments that you can’t possibly starve for more

Realizing the abundance you’ve been given that it brings tears in your eyes. It’s a matter of gratitude intellectual. A habit of being aware of the things that seem insignificant but measure as a great deal of possesion after we experience of losing it. I.e A healthy lung and relieve breathing after weeks of infection. Returning to a smooth routine day to day, after chaotic days at home. 

The art of knowing when to shut up

Trained yourself not to react each time you hear a disaproving statement is a skill of patience. It takes practice and a firm believe that this form of humility will take its toll in something more eligible. An outstanding emotional management. Limiting your eagerness to react will result in the right timing and conviction when it is absolutely necessary to present your thoughts. 

A simple start is by only respond to crucial questions or inquiries directed to you. Otherwise, shut up, sit back and watch

1. “Living at the Frontiers of Life: Extremophiles in Chile and Their Potential for Bioremediation”Frontiers in Microbiology9: 2309. doi:10.3389/fmicb.2018.02309ISSN 1664-302XPMC 6218600PMID 30425685

Author: Fraya

A writer and entrepreneur with profound interest in humankind research and insights. An avid coffee drinker and book hoarder. Hours and days spent in Jakarta.

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