How I Resolve to be Resolute in My Resolutions

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Here we are in February, a month of fresh start and time to re-think of that resolution for the rest of the year.

January came and went away. I still remember writing those resolutions with fire in my heart. And as February roll around, the familiar feeling of what-happen-to-my-resolution and what-the-hell-did-I-do-with-my-time are also crashing down. The good thing with these feelings is I realize that I need to do something to achieve my goal. If you’re like me then we still have 11 months to pursue our dreams.

I personally believe in the need of having resolutions. Whenever I chat with someone and they responded of not having any goal for the year, something in my mind will tick in a strange way – which makes me only capable of saying “I see..”

Writing down resolutions – not just for New Year – have benefited me in the past, and it is something that I urge you to consider, here is why:

  • It is a sign of our desire to move forward. Moving forward means we understand our situation right now and we have some destination in the future. This is better than doing nothing.
  • Resolutions will help us to stay focus. From time to time, we may stray from our goal and looking back to your handwritten note will give you a renewed motivation. Furthermore, striking any of your fulfilled resolutions will give you that uncompromised satisfaction.
  • As a way to reflect and evaluate our own lives. New Year resolution is popular because we usually look back on our past achievement at the end of the year. We contemplate questions such as is there any something I have dreamed of doing? Have I contented with my life? Am I satisfied enough with my current situation? And we use the answer of these questions to jot down our (hopefully) better future.

Now, the problem is the fire to really perform those resolutions will likely to dim. You will start to think that the current situation is enough. Thought like “I survived so long doing the same job, maybe I can do it for another year” Or “I just realize I cannot live without [insert junk food name here], and it makes me truly happy, maybe it’s okay to forget about that new year resolution” will fill your head and you start to wander off your goal.


So how to keep being resolute throughout the year?

I know I am not perfect, I only crossed out 4 out of 7 resolutions last year and here are what helped me:

  • Always write them with your handwriting. Typing it away in your phone may be easier, but you won’t have any connection like writing by hand. I suggest writing your resolutions and to-do lists by hand.
  • Be specific. What I mean is you need to make sure you know how to achieve your own resolutions. Break it down step by step – even a rough one is fine as long as you grasp the general process.
  • Make a weekly to-do list. I almost never write a daily to-do list since most of my work requires at least a few days to finish. Making it weekly will help me stay focus and all I need to do most days is just to review the list.
  • Make time. To achieve something, you will need to allocate time. Get them into your calendar and obey it. Try not to delay or reschedule your resolutions, you won’t feel as motivated as the first time.
  • Overcome the negativities. Never think that your resolutions are just wishful thinking, or that it is something you never going to achieve. You will go as far as where you put your mind into. 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, so you need the determination to be able to achieve them.

We should be aware that we will get bored during these pursue of a better self/future. There will be boring times. You will get lazy sometimes. Just remember that everyone will feel the same as we do. And you won’t make any difference without moving away from your comfort zone. Neither will I. So, we need to do this together, encouraging each other to achieve our resolutions. May at the end of the year we have crossed out most of our lists.

What resolutions have you made this year? Do you think these tips work for you? And please share if you have any other ideas to realized your resolutions. Read here if you want to know more about life goal.

Author: Mia

A writer and researcher who also a tech-addict and internet-junkie. Loves quirky stuff.