Restroom out and about.


If you are one of those person tip-toe-ing your way inside the public restroom out of repulsivity, maybe this is your read.

Speaking not only germs,a few harmful viruses are also on the suspicious list of female restroom users. Particularly for viruses that are are transmitted into your private parts or well, maybe just through your fingers. 

The rumoured virus carrying dreadful diseases such as ; HPV, HSV-2, Flu, the famous E.Coli and many more seems to haunt from door knobs to toilet seats. However, arguably, there are different researches of their lifespans on surfaces. It ranges from minutes to hours.

Studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson found that sinks and their faucet handles are the greatest reservoir of germ colonies in restrooms, all contributed with the fact that water becomes breeding grounds for tiny organisms.

I’ve conducted a forum group discussion of 6 ladies among 35-40 years old-group age. The question is, which door would they choose from six-vacant chambers in a public restroom.

Four out of six ladies, preferred the longest door down the hall, with a reason of less-used toilet or the privacy of “the business”.

Other known habits are found to be similar to one another. Such as ; covering toilet seats with layers of tissues before sitting on it. Others might do a form of wild squatting positions, adapted to meet their germ-phobia terms.

These cringe-worthy auto-responses are completely an individual upbringing since childhood. Each people have a different level of comfortness on sharing personal hygine space.

Although hand-washing is actually considered the ultimate defense-mechanism against germs havoc, plenty of people seems to rush in doing it. Proper hand washing according to is hand and nail series of scrubbing for a minimum duration of 20 seconds. 


To ease the worry, in contracting a disease is not as simple as flipping your hand upside down. The amount of germs or virus transmitted has to be sufficient enough to have an impact on your body. There is a common thing you might want to know about these microscopic creatures. Before they managed to incubate your body, these organism have to beat the hell out of your immune system. 

Other fascinating facts about public restroom is that the hardest chorus in cleaning could be what flinched some people the most.

A survey source from says 67% are struggling to remove the urine stains and odor. While 25% having their hand full on restocking the supplies (i.e tissues, soap etc). 

This is where cleaning service officers should be recognized for their courageous deeds. Simply by doing their job professionally. 95% people believed the cleanliness of restroom impacted on overal public health.

From shiny sinks down to spotless toilets. These cleaning services attended to our restroom worrisome, that are sometimes beyond logical explanations.

Especially restrooms with high traffic of come-and-go restroom users, is another challenge for the invisible heroes behind it.

How sometimes a simple gratitude to these meaningful molecules of life,like saying thank you, or a warming smile, came forgotten.


Author: Fraya

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