How would you express those feelings?


As someone who is hard to express my own feelings, I tend to look to other’s writings.

Disbelief that I can have above-average writing skills, or to be acknowledged in the creative industry, I find it comforting to look for the easy way – the works of others. Submerging my life into tons of books, movies, and games. I show people that I am a gamer, while deep down inside, I am more a reader than a gamer. And a fan of arts, musicals, also goofy things. I’ve been told to have a short fuse, but I learned to control that around people.

I also tend to ramble when I write. Vomiting words into the blank space.

I adore handwriting, not typing. For me, you need effort with handwritten notes. Also, by writing notes, I can remember them more easily than typing.

As I think about these random things, my mind shifted to those who I think really know me. And how I never asked what they think of me as a person. Or maybe I did but forgot the answer. How I remember things in little fragments rather than a full vivid memory.

Tonight, I asked the important question to myself: How would you express these feelings? How would you tap into who you really are? And introduce that person to the world?

Author: Mia

A writer | researcher | lecturer who also a tech-addict and internet-junkie

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